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We have several programs designed specifically to suit your individual needs. We can help you purchase a home even if you've had problems qualifying for traditional bank loans.

With our years of experience and many alternative methods of financing, we're bound to provide a solution for you!

  • Would you rather invest your money in a home of your own?
  • Do you need more time to save money for a down payment, but want to be in a house now that you will be able to own soon?
  • Do you have the money for a down payment but can't qualify for a loan?
  • Do you need to establish more credit or improve your existing credit?
  • Do you want to own more than one home but don't know how to go about it?
  • Do you own a house now but bills are getting the best of you?
  • Do you have the resources to buy now but don't know how to go about it?
  • Are you waiting for your present house to sell so you can move to your next one?

If you answered YES to any of these questions, you owe it to yourself to contact us.

You may complete an applicaiton nline now to speed the process or call us at (859) 282-2600, 10:00 am - 5:00 pm EST to learn more.

  • $0 - $1,000 Deposit
  • Rent to Own
  • Rent Credit Available
  • Check Out Our Property List
We have houses and apartments in all areas and price ranges!
Covington $275 - $650
Crittenden $500 - $850
Elsmere $360 - $695
Florence $625 - $1200
Ludlow $265 - $750
Walton $625 - $895
Warsaw $675 - $895



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